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Stainless steel vacuum brazed Diamond Rasps

These extra durable rasps can be used with with water or dry on all types of stone for easy carving. They will not rust so will not be damged by accidental exposure to condensation. Ergonomic design addresses discomfort due to hand fatique.

The rasp grits come in 40 grit, 40/50 grit, 80grit, and 120grit. All rasps are 8 inches long. Other grits available on request.

$175 each.

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Smaller sizes ( still 8 inches) now available at $95.00


Ideal tools for working alabaster, soapstone, marble, etc.

These 8" rasps are available in 50, 80 and 120 grit or custom made orders are available. The tips are curved for optimum shaping functionality

Italian made Diamond Rasps are $99.99.

Italian Made Diamond Rasp (Milani) DR005 $99.00

Italian Made Diamond Rasp (Milani) DR006 $99.00

Italian Made Diamond Rasp (Milani) DR007 $99.00

Italian Made Diamond Rasp (Milani) DR008 $99.00

Other types of rasps are available. Prices are in Canadian funds and are subject to change without notice. Applicable taxes are not included. Shipping charges will vary with destination and weight.